About Us

Planthiresupermarket.com was set up as result of many times been asked:
“Could we have got that equipment more locally?”

Launched to help busy site engineers, office buyers and procurement offices to source plant equipment easier and faster we work with reputable companies to bring the service and quality required on construction sites of today.

It is our aim to continually improve the user experience of the site by listening to the markets ever changing needs and standards.

Why use us

  • The easy to navigate selection process takes far less time than one single phone call and gets direct to the supplier.
  • Planthiresupermarket.com gets you a reply from a customer that can deliver the goods you want.
  • They may offer you an alternative but by looking at the specifications you have asked for the choice is then yours.
  • You have a price comparison from the top suppliers in the area you are working.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by sourcing the equipment locally to the contract.
  • Planthiresupermarket.com is completely independent and not linked to any of the companies working with it so ensuring the best possible quotes.